Shaping Our Philosophy

Philosophy mindset

Between 2004 and 2009, Consalia Ltd. conducted a doctoral research project that explored the extent to which a values-based approach to developing relationships with customers enhances sales performance.
The research concluded that traditional approaches to selling do not work very well. Even those claiming to be based on customer-focused models invariably tend to be based on the perspective of the seller. As such, they are not truly aligned to the needs of customers.
As a result of worldwide, primary empirical research with 83 customers and key account managers, Consalia identified four differentiating values for both outstanding and poor sales performance. From this, 'The Consalia Mindset-Based Model' emerged.
The model has been continually tested and validated since 2006 in live sales opportunities.
By adopting 'The Consalia Mindset-Based Model, clients such as Hewlett Packard, SAP, and PRGX have greatly improved upon conversion rates for large outsourcing deals. As a result of our engagement, we have helped our clients realize over $5 billion in revenue, with the average conversion rate improved to 77%.
More recently we have extended the mindsets approach to include mindsets for sales leaders, based on the realization that mindsets underpin the way we think and act in sales. The mindset approach adds a new dimension to training effectiveness, and challenges traditional sales approaches, which have largely been based on behavioral/competency, and/or sales process-based initiatives.