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"Only a handful see it (private enterprise) for what it really is - the strong horse that pulls the whole cart.” - Winston Churchill
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Ascent: the act of rising, advancing, or climbing

Ascent is focused on knowledge transfer from the marketplace to non-profit organizations, enabling them to expand growth, increase fundraising, and multiply impact through the application of real-time business acumen. Using best practices and principles learned from The Summit Group and their clients, such as Cisco, Marriott, and GlaxoSmithKline, Ascent empowers excellence for organizations focused on providing impactful human services to those in need.

Suite of Solutions

Drawing upon and translating from The Summit Group’s global marketplace experience, Ascent helps non-profit organizations accelerate effectiveness through uniquely customized programs that help them:

• Uncover hidden assets
• Clarify key stakeholder communication
• Elevate fundraising results
• Identify additional revenue streams
• Maximize servant-based thinking
• Execute marketing activity
• Implement key action strategies
• Multiply impact through collaboration
• Become resilient and relevant for the future

Ascent uses a three-step process to help clients take maximum benefit from these solutions: 1) Analyze the client to prepare a custom program, 2) Present the program over two days with client leadership, and 3) Drive follow up for 60 days to insure action steps resulting from the program gain traction.

Ascent Core Competencies

The Core Competencies of Ascent are focused on sharpening the mindset of non-profit leadership so that their skills and experiences drive growth and fortify and elevate their ability to serve their mission and increase their funding.

1. Strategic thinking that actualizes strategic plans
2. Resource development by enhancing the revenue building triangle:

revenue building triangle
3. Sixty-day action plan execution
4. Leadership Mentoring

Once a program is executed for a client, Ascent drives follow-up for 60 days and can identify resources for the client to engage for longer terms in each of these areas of core competency.

Ascent Leadership Profile

Eric J. Fellman
Eric Fellman brings 30 years of non-profit leadership experience to The Summit Group as the president of Ascent. He began his career as a journalist and moved into management with non-profit publishers Moody Press and Guideposts, Inc. He next spent 12 years gaining international relations experience assisting the U.S. House and Senate with the National Prayer Breakfast. On their behalf, he spent time with Cabinet and Parliamentary leaders in 27 countries across Europe, Africa, and Asia. During this time, he also assisted The Summit Group with the development of their U.S. Government clients in Washington, D.C.

Just prior to forming Ascent with Phil Styrlund as a part of The Summit Group in May 2013, Eric was the President and COO of Bible League International, overseeing the global operations of this premier Bible translation and distribution agency. Eric’s blend of fundraising and publishing sales management has uniquely prepared him to serve non-profit leaders in facing the challenges of the new realities in today’s landscape for charitable organizations, their leadership, their staffs, and their stakeholders.

For more information you can contact Eric at or 817.412.0663.