Case studies



HP recognized a need to re-energize and improve efficiency in the way it persued its large outsourcing deals (i.e. deals of $50+ million). The close ratio at the time was about 1 out of 15. HP was not being invited to the table for many large outsourcing opportunities, as they were not seen to be a legitimate player in the market. HP wanted to improve its competitive position and felt that creativity in the deal-making process was key. Consalia was engaged to co-create a workshop that would help turn the outsourcing business around.


To help HP engage with their existing and prospective clients in a new and innovative way, for the purposes of improving the win rates on large deals.


Consalia conducted a Winning Value Proposition (WVP) workshop with HP that specifically targeted its large deal pursuit teams. Coaching modules supported this process. During the WVP program, win themes were established to allow HP to leverage a wide range of its own assets in order to maximize value to the client. This enabled HP to create a highly differentiated strategy and out-compete other vendors.


Conversion rates went from 1 out of 15 to a 70% success rate. A total of $4.8 billion has been closed as a result.