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Webinar: Relevance

The Summit Group / 01 June 2015
Please join us on June 19 at 10:00 am Central for a Webinar titled "Developing Business and Personal Relevance" given by Phil Styrlund, CEO of The Summit Group. Webinar description and registration can be found here:
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Masters Webinar Recording

The Summit Group / 11 May 2015
To view the recording of our "Masters Program in Global Sales" Webinar, please use the following link:
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Launch of JST

The Summit Group / 30 April 2015
We’re proud to announce the launch of The Journal of Sales Transformation, which The Summit Group is a co-founder of. The first edition has just been released. For more information, please visit:
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Webinar: Masters Program in Global Sales

The Summit Group / 20 April 2015
Please join us on May 11 at 10:00 am Central for a Webinar with Dr. Philip Squire, CEO of Consalia, on the "Masters Program in Global Sales". Registration and more information here.
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NeuroCoaching Training

The Summit Group / 30 March 2015
Friend of The Summit Group, Dr. Srini Pillay, will be holding a 3-day NeuroCoaching Training on April 29-May 1. For more info, please visit:
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GST Webinar Series: April 16 - Fred Kiel

The Summit Group / 19 March 2015
The first Webinar in our Global Sales Transformation series will be on April 16, featuring speaker Fred Kiel discussing "Return on Character - Why Values Are Your Value". Please visit for more information and registration
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Relevance Webinar

The Summit Group / 05 February 2015
CEO Phil Styrlund recently did a Webinar with Boardroom Insiders about Relevance. To view, click here.
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Cam Hyde Joins The Summit Group

The Summit Group / 31 October 2014
The Summit Group is proud to announce the addition of Cam Hyde to our team, who is joining in the role of senior managing director. Cam is recognized in the industry as a successful, customer-centered leader with a passion for innovative sales transformation and sustainable business performance. He has been involved in SAMA for the past several years, in addition to being active as a board member in many organizations over the past 20 years. Prior to joining Summit, Cam spent almost 40 years with Xerox Corporation, where he worked throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as internationally. He ...
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Relevance: Matter More

The Summit Group / 17 September 2014
For more information on the Relevance: Matter More book that has just been released, please visit the book's Web site:, like the Facebook page:, and follow on Twitter: @YourRelevance.
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Press Release - Relevance: Matter More

The Summit Group / 10 September 2014
Relevance: Matter More New book from co-authors Phil Styrlund and Tom Hayes outlines how to “matter more” in business and in life MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 9, 2014 — In an age of commoditization, people, products, brands, and companies are becoming interchangeable. We have two choices: we can be commodities or we can be relevant and matter more. How do we transform interchangeability into relevance? Relevance: Matter More answers the question: “How do we matter more?” The book release is September 18, 2014. “Individuals and companies around the globe long to matter more,” says Relevance co-author Phil Styrlund. “Our world is glutted ...
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