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Challenges for Sales Leaders

Challenges for Sales Leaders

Q:     "What differentiates star sales leaders, and how can I develop more stars in my company?"

The transition to sales leadership is a complex one. It requires not only a new skill set, but also a completely new mindset. The primary challenge, and indeed responsibility for leaders, sales or otherwise, is to balance the results of today with the resources required for sustained profitability in the future. However this isn't as straightforward as it should be.

We recognize that there are different types of sales leadership (e.g. field sales vs. inside sales; product vs. complex solutions) and that your markets and industries all have key differences, however common challenges remain.
Sales Leaders often have to work with poor quality data, despite ever more expensive - and expansive - CRM systems. Product-focused 'go-to-market' strategies tend to blur out client-centric thinking. In addition, a relentless emphasis on short-term wins distracts attention from achieving long-term goals.

      We help customers overcome these challenges by defining the foundational mindsets required to shape effective sales leaders, and teaching the skills and knowledge they need to analyze, plan, and monitor the performance of their teams.

Our approach is based on four pillars: Understanding Yourself, Leading Others, Managing the Business of Selling, and Supporting the Sale. The pillars form the structure of our development programs. The foundational mindsets required to be a great sales leader are Vision, Desire to be the Best, Empowerment, and Potential.