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Proactive Creativity

Proactive CreativityTM

For us: We teach sales people how to think and sell. It all begins with a single, simple question: 'How can we help our customers to increase their competitive advantage?' Whether it's improving program design, determining new commercial sales strategies, generating innovative ways to embed learning, or developing collaborative partnerships with third parties, this simple question continually drives us to create new and unique answers that go far beyond what you would normally expect - with results to match.

For you: The big idea doesn't always have to be big, but it will set you apart from your peers. That's why Proactive Creativity is such a highly valued commodity. Demonstrating empathy with a customer means showing a passion, understanding, and commitment that will continually reinvigorate your strategic relationships. Your sales team must constantly innovate - without waiting to be asked - to offer new and original ways that help your customer's business succeed.

For example: After the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, President Obama stated that there would be no more shipping of oil without a solution to ensure the calamity could never happen again. With 60% of the Gulf oil shipping business, AET Tankers needed a response - and fast.

Their team proposed a highly creative idea: linking two of their huge tankers and erecting processing and pumping infrastructure on top of them. This structure would then be able to extract oil and prevent another spill in the case of another emergency on a rig, allowing customers like BP, Exxon, and Chevron to continue pumping.

To ensure the structure remained absolutely stationery (sideways movement would rupture the pipes from the seabed) AET worked with technology companies to devise a GPS system that synchronized the propellers to keep the ships still.