The Mindsets



For us: In an age of complexity, our job is to keep solutions simple, easy to apply, and effective. However, don't confuse simple with simplistic. By exploring the DNA of selling, we have conducted extensive market research and developed an approach around four key mindsets - an approach proven to have helped customers sell contracts.

For you:  Your sales teams will learn to develop simple, relevant, and powerful tools and techniques that actually work. We are experts in cutting back the complexities to make new themes easy to understand, practical to apply, and straightforward to sustain. Simple? Yes. Effective? Absolutely.

For example: Our premise is quite simple: People act according to the way they think, and the way they think is determined by their values and mindsets. We have identified four mindsets that lead to a pattern of sales behavior that customers positively respond to. So by helping our clients change to the right mindset, we change their behavior and in turn their performance.

Even when working with bid teams on the largest of deals, we look for no more than four or five key 'Win Themes'. These are carefully selected to encapsulate the vision for the value proposition.

Consider the value proposition for the $1.5 billion outsourcing deal between Hewlett Packard and Unilever. It was built around the four themes of: counterfeiting, retail digital technologies, supply chain, and innovation. These became the framework for the sales campaign and marketing communication messages. A recent global project we won was based on a two-year campaign we developed around the simple question "But does it work?"