The Mindsets

Tactful Audacity

Tactful AudacityTM

For us: As far as customers are concerned, one of the most rare – and most sought after - values is the ability of a supplier to add a degree of intellectual and commercial acumen to the mix. So for us, challenging the norm is, well, the norm. We push the boundaries (without crossing them) to offer new ideas, bold suggestions, and surprising recommendations that rethink your whole approach.

For you: Sometimes telling your customers what they don't want to hear can be exactly the kind of thing they want to, and need to, hear. Customers want to be challenged, so show a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks instead of playing it safe and staying in the comfort zone. This will require you to bring in your brightest minds and give them the authority to go as far as they need to - to be fearless and daring in the solutions they come up with.

For example: Take the Starbucks new ventures team who sold the idea to IT Vendors of investing $60,000,000 to enable their national Starbucks stores to become wireless hubs - in return for the IT vendors having access to sell mobile solutions to their 14,000,000 weekly customers.