Claudia Lamothe

Certified Partner

Claudia is an experienced learning professional who facilitates cultural and behavioral transformations.

Clients that she works with are those companies who have the aspiration to evolve in order to maintain and grow their competitive edge through the engagement and inspiration of a workforce that is more often than not highly diversified, multi-generational, and mobile.

Claudia values authenticity, trust, growth combined with results, and believes that leading with clarity, self-awareness, and a genuine interest in personal growth will not only drive life transformations, but business ones as well.

During a typical learning experience with Claudia, it is not uncommon to see her challenge her learners to examine their “patterns” and thinking styles, which enables them to become “unstuck” and begin seeing their current situations through a different lens. Her practical and relevant mindset-focused facilitation approach ultimately drives performance-enhancing behavior.

Her engaging facilitation and coaching approach is the result of her proven business track record, combined with the achievement of learning and certification programs focused on sales strategies, sales management, coaching, human capital management, and psychological evaluation tools. In addition, she brings years of experience from the different roles that she has had in diverse fields ranging from: sales acquisition, sales leadership, learning specialist, and learning and development leadership within leading organizations throughout North America and Europe.

Claudia’s clients will be the first to tell you how her leadership and change management programs have continuously had a measurable and sustainable impact on their businesses and, most of all, on their people.

Claudia is based out of Québec, Canada.