Janti Masani


Janti is a seasoned global leader with 28 years of experience covering sales, marketing, and strategic account management. His leadership background includes deep knowledge of global markets and cultures within the healthcare business in IVD & Med Tech with Abbott Medical, Abbott Diagnostics, and Roche Diagnostics.

He has worked in global and international marketing in both start-up organizations and large corporations. He has over 10 years of extensive practitioner experience in building SAM & KAM programs across EMEA. His career has seen him act as a trusted advisor to the c-suite in both top client private sector accounts such as SYNLAB International, SONIC healthcare, UNILABS, and ELSAN, as well as prestigious public sector clients including Guys & St. Thomas NHS Trust UK.

Strategic mutual partnerships are both a key capability and a passion for Janti. In his over a decade of building long-term strategic partnerships, he has successfully delivered large, complex, global deals and has managed the entire process from design through to value realization. He has current experience of today’s business volatility, so is well-placed to advise clients of the need to balance corporate ambitions with customer centricity. As a credit to his global career, he has worked across diverse markets and business cultures covering over 70 countries.

Janti possesses a developer mindset and a demonstrated ability of recognizing the potential in others, in turn helping them to achieve success through facilitation and coaching. His strengths lie in his ability to drive results from good to great. He is a naturally strategic thinker, curious, creative, and highly enthusiastic and upbeat. He has spent a third of his career forging relationships and winning the trust of c-suite clients, as well as earning the right to give them advice.

Janti is currently based in London and joins The Summit Group as a principal to continue his journey and bring value to our clients.