Karlheinz Neuer


Karlheinz has 25 years of experience in sales and service. Building on his vast expertise in several industries, he designs and facilitates transformative training programs around the world. A special passion of his is the development of leaders and helping organization to change.

In his former role as a Director of Leadership Development in the IT industry, he supported award-winning programs (e.g. Brandon Hall Award: Gold for Excellence in Sales Performance, Association for Training and Development: Citation Award for Coaching and Mentoring).

A learning experience with Karlheinz will never be boring. His coaching-like facilitation is interactive and very pragmatic. He will always try to keep things close to the “daily reality” of his participants. To unlock the potential of the team he creates an atmosphere of psychological safety so that everyone feels motivated to contribute to a workable solution. Achieving tangible results is key for him, reflected by his motto “doing is the new knowing”.

Karlheinz holds advanced degrees in industrial engineering and business administration. His mother language is German; he lives close to Heidelberg, Germany