Technology Integration & Guided Selling

Technology Integration & Guided Selling

The Summit Group offers more than just a thought process. We align our thoughtware with industry-leading software and targeted partnerships that reinforce our thinking and business/sales acumen.

By aligning with the leading providers of AI-based guided selling, The Summit Group integrates with a machine learning process that reinforces, routinizes, and operationalizes training throughout your organization.

Our philosophy is not that technology will replace people, but it can augment a person’s experience. The right combination of thoughtware + software allows humans to be more interested, while tech allows them to be more interesting.

We at The Summit Group don’t use technology just for technology’s sake. AI’s value is that it allows for far more accurate real-time coaching. You know from the captured dialogue what is resonating, and not, with your customer and why, offering a valuable “docking station” between sales and marketing.

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