Ascent for Non-Profit

Ascent – for Non-Profit

Ascent was formed as part of The Summit Group to focus solely on consulting for not-for-profits and smaller businesses – providing them with the skill set, mindset, and learnings from our leading private sector clients to help them succeed in expanding their impact and increasing their success.

  • For not-for-profits, we focus on elevating the business and shifting mindsets from donor-based to investment-based.
  • For small businesses we focus on strategic planning and next generation leadership development.
  • For both groups, we offer the highly successful StratOp™planning system and the global standard Leadership Capacity Program™(LCP), and our team is fully certified in both programs.

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Ascent Leadership Profile

Eric Fellman brings 30+ years of non-profit leadership experience to The Summit Group as the president of Ascent. At both Moody Press and Guideposts, Inc. he had the crossover experience of leading for-profit arms to benefit non-profit purposes. He also spent 12 years gaining international relations experience assisting the U.S. House and Senate with the U.S.  National Prayer Breakfast. On their behalf, he spent time with Cabinet and Parliamentary leaders in 27 countries across Europe, Africa, and Asia. He also assisted The Summit Group with the development of their U.S. Government clients in Washington, D.C.

Just prior to forming Ascent with Phil Styrlund as a part of The Summit Group in May 2013, Eric was the president of Bible League International, overseeing the global operations of this premier Bible translation and distribution agency. Eric’s blend of fundraising and publishing sales management has uniquely prepared him to serve both small business and non-profit leaders in facing the challenges of the new realities in today’s landscape for growing organizations, their leadership, their staffs, and their stakeholders.