Client Success Stories

Client Success:

For the past 27 years, we’ve been able to work with the best and brightest companies in the world. Together, we’ve created a reservoir of insights, hindsights, and foresights that become our ultimate value to you. This body of cross-cultural and cross-industry experience is the ultimate value we bring to you in creating a propreitary and differentiating sales model that captures mindshare, walletshare, and marketshare.

Our success lies in the testimony of our customers. What is important to us is that our customers experience true Client Centricity, as well as personal and organizational success during the sales performance improvement process.

Read just a selection of our favorite testimonials, below.

“A great learning experience, and probably the best sales training program I have seen or participated in. Takes simple, yet pragmatic principles and, in a very real environment, puts sales people under the spotlight to apply, practice and build their confidence.”

“We have engaged The Summit Group on several leadership, management, and sales initiatives over the last several years. Their performance and impact in all areas has been very positive. Taking the time to understand our people, culture, and corporate goals has enabled them to positively impact both individual and company performance. I strongly recommend The Summit Group.”

“The BEST program is seen to be highly beneficial, with tangible benefits that we can relate to specific wins and opportunities – resulting from application of BEST approach in the areas of lead creation, value propositions, and solution selling. The strong positive feedback was more than anticipated.”

“Since The Summit Group’s global sales capabilities development and training engagement (BEST) started five years ago, the annual sales growth rate has accelerated more than 300% (vs. previous five years) and customer loyalty/satisfaction has increased over 22% to a world-class benchmark 82% ‘Truly Loyal’.”

“Your assistance elevated our customer experience! And I greatly appreciate all that your company has done to accommodate our needs. Even audience members have come to me to say, ‘Summit really knows our business; they did their research; and wow this so customized!’ Ben Franklin said, ‘Well done, is better than well said’. What an awesome testament to what Summit has done to translate their philosophy into a real-life situation and accomplishment. I believe this training will revolutionize our sales force and our organization. Thank you, thank you.”

“Short term, this successful program resulted in comprehensive/thorough identification and development of account plans for significant new growth potential, and establishing cross-business/team selling thinking and culture. Longer term this initiative will: transform our interaction with our customers from transactional to strategic and deliver meaningful growth to our business and value to our customers.”