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About The Summit Group

The Summit Group is a global sales performance improvement company. We build sales people into authentic business professionals. Since 1993, we’ve helped international clients in their value creation journeys and optimized their sales performance through consultancy and customized training solutions.

The Summit Group has accelerated leading companies’ distinguishing go-to-market execution in more than sixty countries. We teach sales organizations how to effectively develop unique business value for their customers, resulting in immediate revenue growth, increased customer loyalty, and elevated consultative relationships.

Our unique, pragmatic approach ensures distinction and differentiation through the delivery of business simulation skill-based training. We focus on consultative-based relationships, uncovering and developing customer needs and requirements, and building value-based solutions that leverage the organization’s value capabilities and directly align with customer needs.


With affiliate partners around the world, we regularly leverage resources for the design and delivery of courses and course materials. Our global network of trusted partners means that we are able to deliver consistent execution worldwide.