Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning

Now more than ever, salespeople need access to learning and training wherever they are working from. For the past decade The Summit Group has offered delivery of our practices and programs using virtual and blended learning and have recently increased our capabilities further with a focus on microlearning as well – enabling on-demand, mobile, engaging, and bite-sized learning.

Our facilitators are certified in virtual learning design, development, and delivery, and are prepared to train and coach groups and individuals – whether that be in a physical classroom or a virtual one. Our partner InSync Training provides our team with the certification and support to carry out virtual learning in any environment.

As leading organizations strive to accelerate and sustain profitable growth in an increasingly challenging, competitive marketplace by elevating customer value, reinventing business models, and differentiating the client experience – we bring thought leadership, leading practices, and learning that is transforming how world-class companies sell and build their business with strategic accounts.

This blended learning approach enables top companies to accelerate, reinforce, and sustain development of strategic selling and account management mindset and skill set – equipping your front-line teams and talent to differentiate how they engage, win more, create higher-order value, and grow faster.

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What We Bring

We’re bringing you a library of powerful strategic selling/strategic account management live-virtual & micro-learning courses – that complement your F2F & coaching programs. This enables a powerful, personalized learning journey – aligned with your goals and go-to-market strategy – with the option to customize to reflect the realities of your market space, strategy, and company culture.

Reinforcing, refreshing, and sustaining a highly collaborative, leading-practice, distinctive approach to engage and create value WITH customers.

Summit micro-learning courses are easily and securely accessed and viewed anywhere/anytime on mobile devices, with data on progress, and learner’s access to downloadable tools, templates, and resources.

Our virtual/micro-learning curricula encompasses:

  • What the best strategic sales people and strategic account organizations do differently
  • Deepen insights and understanding of the customer’s business, including segments on principles & tools that elevate business acumen and structure thinking
  • Elevate & expand engagement with key stakeholders
  • Align on what matters most – prioritize and align with customers and internally
  • Leverage enterprise capabilities to co-create value beyond the product
  • Quantify & articulate business value in the customer’s currency and metrics
  • Collaboratively develop and implement actionable account plans
  • Drive execution & expand business


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