Case studies



In 2008, Abbey (part of the Santander group) employed 705 branch managers, 47 regional managers, and a total of 16,000 employees in the UK. The problem they faced was that branch managers had had very little management development and, therefore, the effectiveness and practices at branch manager level varied enormously. Abbey had clear modules they wanted to develop as part of an in-house accreditation course, but needed the training to be delivered by the regional managers.


To narrow the skill gap between branch managers.


Consalia developed solutions that incorporated a combination of theory, learning, and practice. Regional managers attended 'Train the Trainer' sessions for each of the modules, as well as an assessed facilitation skills training course. They received support in the form of telephone coaching, run by Consalia tutors. This process allowed regional managers to cascade the training throughout the organization. During the modules, regional and branch managers developed action plans, which would be implemented in the workplace and form the basis for assessment. By accrediting the course with Middlesex University, regional and branch managers were able to achieve credits towards a diploma, or advanced diploma in Retail Management. This gave the program greater credibility and greater value to participants. It also meant that learning was more strongly embedded in the organization.


By the end of the two-year implementation, regional managers had not only become skilled facilitators, but also learned and applied the management development practices they were delivering to their teams. The original objectives of Santander were fulfilled.