Case studies



Halifax Community Bank (HCB) engages primarily in the provision of personal financial services and products. It has a stated goal "to become Britain's Most Recommended Bank, through making more of its customers better off". To achieve this goal, the Bank identified the need for higher-level training for 600 branch managers, 300 local directors, and 32 in-company training managers. HCB were keen to accredit the training program as a means of embedding learning within the organization, and to provide participants with an additional motivation to complete and excel in applying the learning from the program. However, the program had already been developed by KPMG, timescales were tight, and there was no internal expertise in accreditation.


As there was little flexibility to adapt the content the accreditation had to fit with the existing program.


Consalia already had a good working relationship with Middlesex University, and experience in accrediting work-based learning in banking through the existing project with Santander. Consalia was therefore able to quickly understand the curriculum being offered by HCB and develop and submit the accreditation application. Consalia was able to manage the relationship between Middlesex University, the Bank, and KPMG. They were able to 'oil the cogs' to ensure that the process kept on track and met both the academic and employer criteria. At the same time, Consalia was able to bring expertise to champion the student and to consider such issues as assessment from an end-user perspective.


The application was successful; a tight deadline was met and HCB went on to roll out the program across the population giving almost 1,000 people the opportunity to work towards a recognized advanced diploma in Retail Banking. The negotiated content of Work-Based Learning modules enabled Halifax Community Bank to ensure that the projects that its staff undertook were aligned with the Bank's workforce development needs.