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Challenges for Sales People

Challenges for Sales People

Q:     "What differentiates exceptional sales people from the rest?"

We see the environment in which sales people sell becoming increasingly challenging. We highlight some of these challenges below.

Product differentiation is harder to achieve as markets consolidate and the world becomes a flatter place to live. Fewer suppliers compete for a larger share of the global market. Sales people need to become better equipped to sell a differentiated solution where differences are not so obvious.
Procurement's role has become more prominent as organizations strive to cut costs and achieve supply chain efficiencies. While sales people are often encouraged to avoid procurement at all costs - they do so at their peril. Professional buyers know the games sales people play. Furthermore, they are all too aware of their bargaining power in a world economy that is slowing.
It's not all about procurement. End-users often have an inherent distrust of sales people. Only those with a high level of emotional intelligence and exceptional communication skills stand out - but it's not just about communication. End-users look for core values. If these are not aligned with theirs, it will be very difficult for sales people to develop new relationships.
Selling internally is often harder than to sell externally. Often sales people work for companies that are product focused. Exceptional sales people are able to leverage the weight and power of their customers in order to help their customers get the service they require. Customers therefore look for leadership skills in sales people. They want the sales team to have selling skills, but don't want these skills pointed at them. Fighting the commercial balance between value for customers and value for suppliers is one that sales people are at the heart of.

A:      We help customers overcome these challenges by defining the foundational mindsets required to shape effective sales people, and teach sales people the skills and knowledge they need to plan, design, execute, and follow up on commercial sales opportunities. Our experience crosses sales disciplines, such as key account and opportunity management, developing sustainable sales pipeline, sales planning, plus the range of skills from need creation to end negotiation. All stages are underpinned by the mindsets of Authenticity, Client Centricity, Proactive Creativity, Tactful Audacity, and Simplicity.