Eric Fellman

StratOp Master Guide

Eric Fellman has 30-plus years’ experience in executive leadership, particularly in the publishing arena. His practice focuses on strategic planning and growth for organizations, emphasizing leadership development and communications. He is a Certified LCP Executive Coach utilizing the Leadership Capacity System to help individual leaders increase their leadership capabilities. As a Senior Guide of the Paterson Center StratOp Planning System, he helps organizations create Strategic Operating Plans that produce results.

His recent StratOp client list includes: Alliance Materials, a large building supply company in North Texas; DISCO Inc., national supplier of automated manufacturing systems; and the multi-national Achievement Corporation, the largest private training company based in Japan.

Previously, Eric served top leadership roles at three major organizations: Moody Press (Director of Magazine Division), Guideposts, Inc. (Division President), and BL International (President and COO). While at BLI he led a coalition of 11 like-minded groups to navigate the transition from print to electronic delivery of digital content on a global basis. The resulting Digital Content Alliance has produced Digital Libraries in 32 languages containing thousands of study books, audio, and video files.

Beginning in 1997 Fellman was selected to assist with international faith-based initiatives of the U.S. House and Senate National Prayer Breakfast. He helped build collaborations with government and businesses to work on practical needs as diverse as: housing, clean water, basic health care, and education in 27 countries of Africa and Asia. From 2000 to 2018 he was on the NPB Cabinet Council and continues to coordinate the annual gathering of corporate leaders and CEOs at the NPB. In that role he has helped host more than 850 top business executives, including those from Coca-Cola, United Technologies, Toyota, General Mills, Ford Motor Company, 3M, Target Stores, Nordstrom, etc.

Trained initially as a journalist, Eric has written countless articles and was a regular contributor for 25 years to Daily Guideposts, the nation’s largest selling Daily Inspirational Reader with sales in excess of 500,000 copies annually. He is the author of The Power Behind Positive Thinking, published by Harper San Francisco in five languages.