Our People

Joshua Dey

Joshua is a B2B sales and marketing expert with over 15 years of experience facilitating strategic transformation in two of Canada's largest organizations. While previously working with The Summit Group as a client, Joshua was inspired by the opportunity to apply his skills and experience to help a broader group of sales and marketing teams elevate customer business relevance and value creation capability. Joshua is based in Toronto and supports clients not only across Canada, but globally as well.

As a versatile, insightful, and creative change leader, Joshua brings specific expertise in telecommunications, digital media, marketing to and creating value for SMBs, and designing and executing sales enablement strategies that align to corporate strategy.

Prior to joining The Summit Group, Joshua had a progressive career in B2B marketing and sales enablement with Bell Canada and Yellow Media. He has worked with both senior leaders and face-to-face and inside front line sales teams to make lasting business impacts.

Joshua Dey can be reached at jd@summitvalue.com